The Neck Warmer


We have just listed two neck warmers, just in time for the cold.  We’ve got our fires burning and it’s still cold.  The neck warmer is a fantastic solution for cold days and cold natured folks.

In Heather’s own words

The Neck Warmer design came to me quite by accident! You see, I am fairly cold natured, and in this old farmhouse it gets chilly in the winter!
I found myself wanting to wear a scarf all day, which is not the handiest thing when one is cooking and such. Thus, the neck warmer was born. It keeps the neck cozy without hanging down in the way.
My neck warmers became not just a necessity, but an accessory as I got creative with antique buttons and colors.

The two neck warmers currently listed are Rose and Lavender.  Pretty, stylish, and unique.  Check out the neckwarmers here:


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